Saturday, 2 February 2019

Hungry birds and snowdrops

We don`t often see snow here in the South of England, but on Friday morning I awoke to a winter wonderland outside the window. The allotment has all but disappeared under a blanket of snow and only the taller vegetation such as grasses and seed heads are visible.

The allotment covered with a blanket of snow
Grasses and seed heads are still visible
The pond with the remains of the snow fox in the foreground

Snowdrops are now slowly appearing again from the snow thanks to some sunshine. They are tough little flowers and seem to be able to cope with any amount of frost and snow. They look like as if nothing has happened, their little flowers standing proud, ready to open once warmer weather arrives.

Acrobatic blue tit
Many birds are very hungry as they cannot find any food in the snow and on frozen ground. Luckily I have put out some bird food for them; peanuts, fat blocks and fat balls. Nobody else on my allotment site seems to feed the birds so they all come to my feeders. Even the robin, who normally feeds on the ground, was hungry enough to fly up to the peanut feeder today. Blue and great tits as well as the cute long-tailed tits visit frequently, the dunnocks hop around on the ground, searching for spilled food. Occasionally I even have a Great-spotted woodpecker visiting.

The robin managed to fly up to the peanut feeder
Blue tits like the peanuts
The robin looking slightly grumpy

Cute little long-tailed tit
Bird footprints on the frozen pond
A dunnock searching for food
Robin and long-tailed tit sharing the fat block feeder
The dunnocks are normally very shy and difficult to photograph

The snow is also revealing some night-visitors to the allotment thanks to the footprints they have left behind. The foxes seem to have been very active, probably looking for food. I wonder what they eat when the ground is frozen and covered by a blanket of snow. I have also seen some muntjac deer footprints and a few rabbits.

A fox footprint
A fox has walked here last night

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