Friday, 12 April 2019

My wildlife allotment in March 2019

Spring has arrived on the allotment. After coming back from a week's holiday to Gran Canaria in the second half of March I was surprised to find the allotment so much greener and with flowers opening everywhere. Many of the perennials are coming back to life now and often the first thing I do when visiting the allotment is to walk around all three plots to look for new signs of life. It feels a bit like greeting old friends after you have not seen them for a while. I am also very much looking forward to seeing all the new plants starting into growth as I have grown most of them from seed and only planted them out in autumn and winter last year...

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  1. Hi Nadine. I've just seen your allotment on Gardeners World and thought it was wonderful. I have a half allotment and will try to take some of your ideas to use on my allotment. Thank you for the inspiration and very best wishes

  2. Thank you very much, glad you liked it :-) Great you want to take some ideas to your own plot. I hope it will work well and you get lots of interesting wildlife too. On our allotment site the old men who are mainly old-school with rows of cabbages and pesticide sprayers are slowly disappearing now and younger more open and environmentally interested people are coming in which is I think a good thing, also for our wildlife.
    Best wishes, Nadine


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